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DJ B-RAD is a wedding and event DJ based in South Florida. B-RAD has been a fixture in entertainment for over 10 years, by having a diversified culture background make it a perfect mixture needed to accommodate any event. A fan of all genres, DJ B-RAD mixes various decades and styles of music seamlessly bridging classic songs with today’s hits. B-RAD has performed at weddings, corporate events, and private parties all around Florida. B-RAD is a master of ceremonies and specializes in providing themes, atmospheres, and experiences to all clients! Since the early years of his life he has always had an ear for music. Because of his passion for music and production it all comes easy for him to bring his musical perspective to life through the turntables! In addition, B-Rad is also a huge people’s person which makes doing what he love that much more enjoyable.


DJ since: 2008

Category: All Genres


Media Type: Digital

Serato Operating System 

JBL Speakers

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